Flux Magnetics is a company devoted to the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art analog pro-audio heads for the recording industry. Over 100 years of combined experience designing and building longitudinal audio, duplicator, instrumentation, computer disk, and rotary ferrite/metal in gap video heads is used to create Flux Magnetics products.

Custom head stacks are built and tested to customer specifications, and replacement head stacks for OEM equipment are designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Flux Magnetics has developed an "ME" series (Mastering Extended Response) of 2 channel 1/2" record and reproduce heads for extended response 30 ips operation and an "MS" series (Mastering Standard) of record and reproduce heads built to OEM specifications.

Since the beginning of analog audio recording, recording head designs have been compromised in order to meet large variations in tape types and speeds. "ME" series record and reproduce heads are designed for 15 and 30 ips operation without compromise and provide increased tape stability for thicker oxide tapes, increased bias and record drive head room, and 20 Hz playback wavelength response at 30 ips.

All Flux Magnetics record and reproduce stacks are built using the latest high permeability, high saturation, low coercivity, metal core materials and exceed OEM gap depth requirements. Metal head technology is alive and well and is the standard for all high performance recording applications. Flux Magnetics metal heads are the "head of the time" and the future.